How do our eyes perceive illumination or the reflection thereof nocturnally?

Over 150 years ago, Max Schultze introduced The Duplex Theory of Vision which refers to the idea that there are functionally two distinct ways that our visional system works. The first system is called the photopic which is associated with the cones and the second is the scotopic system which is associated with the rods in your eyes. Daytime is the domain of photopic vision but nighttime is when our scotopic vision becomes dominant. Essentially, rods are more sensitive to light overall than cones and the rods are more sensitive to different wavelengths than the cones meaning they have different spectral sensitivity. Rods and cones have different spatial and summation properties as well as cones support color vision but rods do not. Finally, there is a range of intermediate ambient light intensity in which both systems are working is said to be mesopic vision.
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Design is the first component and the soul of a Luxe Outdoor Lighting System. Our unique design solution for a project is realized after a great deal of critical thought and time is spent analyzing the degree of complexity for each project. Using Leonardo Da Vinci’s insightful belief, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, our initial starting point begins with “less is more”. Then our multi-layered lighting concepts are tailored to each property and designed very much in the same way a lighting plan is developed for the illumination of a theatrical production or an Old Master’s conception and discriminating application of chiaroscuro. We develop the base fundamental scheme of your architectural elements and landscape then add individual design elements to skillfully harness the different positioning of layers of lumens, color temperatures, beam spreads and lux to deliver the greatest effect with the arrival of dusk. Thoughtfully executed, our use of the artistic medium of Light Sculpting and the intendent effect upon completion is magical and memorable.

“The beginnings and ends of shadow lie between the light and darkness and may be infinitely diminished and infinitely increased. Shadow is the means by which bodies display their form. The forms of bodies could not be understood in detail but for shadow”

- Leonardo Da Vinci


After the lighting design has been completed and approved, the second component is the build. There are literally thousands of light fixtures on the market today with varying degrees of quality, function and price. The selection process can be simply overwhelming for a homeowner or property manager considering a new or replacement LED outdoor lighting system. Many companies advertising “outdoor lighting” are generally electricians, or landscape and irrigation companies who offer landscape lighting as a sideline to their main business in order to sell fixtures. The difference between them and Luxe Lighting Group is that architectural and landscape lighting is all we do. We are knowledgeable about our products, fixtures and craft. But what really separates Luxe Lighting Group from the average lighting company is our wisdom and experience.

Our fixture selection is based on what luminary will deliver the intended effect that has been predetermined by the design. Critical elements of the build also include luminaries with a smaller footprint. Most are cast bronzed brass, raw brass or stainless steel with advanced optics, lamps and drivers.

You can be assured that every fixture in your system will be mounted to its own custom-built riser with protected connections inside as opposed to commonly being buried in the ground unprotected. The lighting designer for your projects also serves as the project manager personally overseeing the installation of the selected system with a talented, experienced and passionate team of installers



The third and final component of a new outdoor lighting system is the most overlooked. Maintaining the integrity of a new outdoor lighting system is essential to the safety and appearance of your home or business property. If you are passionate about the appearance of your property and have a keen sense of observation, take a walk around your grounds every few weeks after the sun sets and your lighting system is activated. Ask yourself if your lighting system has the same effect as it did when it was first installed. If not, here is a list of the probable culprits: A fixture is not illuminating (most likely lamp has failed, lamp has become dislodged from the socket or wiring to the fixture has been accidentally cut). If there are a few lights out (most likely-wiring has been accidentally cut). If all of the lights are not coming on (most likely-control system needs adjusted, or the plug from the transformer that powers the light fixtures has been accidentally removed from the outlet or a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) has tripped in the GFI outlet).

Other factors that may diminish the overall effect of the original appearance of the lighting system is vegetation growth that has covered the luminary, a fixture that has been altered from its original position by a careless landscape maintenance company or there may be mulch or debris laying on top of the light fixture. The most common factor that goes unnoticed is the lumen output coming out of the fixture, the effect can be diminished due to of calcification of the glass lenses. The main source of this problem is the water from irrigation systems lying on the glass lenses. Over time the hard water leaves calcium deposits on the lenses leaving them milky or cloudy and thereby diminishing the original design effect and reduced lumen levels. Be vigilant about protecting your investment and the integrity of your light system. You can maintain the system if you know what to look for and are able to fix the problem. Or, you can schedule Luxe Lighting Group to assist you and maintain your lighting system with periodic visits.