Naples Outdoor Lighting Expert John Gillespie

John’s experience and critical eye for the art of illumination and light sculpting began in 1981 when he was an international art dealer and owner of Bondstreet Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. Each year the gallery staged 6 to 8 major exhibitions which would require specialized lighting for both 2 and 3 dimensional art works including high-end Old Masters, French and American Impressionists and Modern Masters. John’s exceptional knowledge of illumination plus his growing collector base led to numerous requests for the lighting of his clients’ acquisitions in their home and in sculpture gardens. As a result, John asked his close friend and client, William (Bill) Nelson, the chairman of Carnegie Mellon University Theatrical Lighting Department to assist with the lighting design and installation requests.

Bill was a Master. Many professional Broadway lighting designers passed through his classes. Most notably is Jules Fisher who received 20 Tony award nominations and nine Tony awards for his work in lighting design, a record in the category. Under Bill’s tutelage, John perfected the art of illumination and light sculpting and is forever grateful to William Nelson for passing his passion and knowledge of the art form onto him. John brings this fervor and expertise to each consultation and project.

John Gillespie is

The only AOLP Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer (COLD) in the state of Florida

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